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Miata ITB Blacktop TPS problem


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Hi to the community. 

I have converted my Miata to itb setup with the 20v blacktop throttle bodies. 

Today when I started the car I couldn't get the tps working right. 

Miata has a 3 pin connector, Toyota has a 4 pin connector. 

I found the +5v ref, gnd and signal and crimped them to the Toyota 4 pin connector. 1 unused pin. 

The pin out for the Toyota is the attached picture if I am not mistaken. Well it does not work, either I get 100%full throttle even with the tps disconnected(only the connector) , either I get a very very slow rise with the pedal to the floor and when I release the throttle it goes to 0 and after a second to 100%.

I have tested 2 tps sensors. 

The car previously was a single throttle body with the original plenum and run flawlessly. It was tuned by me with alpha N due to the map signal being erratic. 

Has anyone any clue what the is happening? 

tps ae111 throttle position sensor 2 pinout.jpg

tps ae111 throttle position sensor 1 pinout.jpg

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26 minutes ago, Adamw said:

That pinout is wrong I think.  The help file in PC Link shows pin 2 is the TP signal.  It also shows 5V and gnd at opposite ends, but that doest matter, they will work either way.  

Just try moving your TP wire to pin 2.  



You are correct Adam. 

The pin out I have chosen is wrong. I will verify that tomorrow in the garage but I am sure I have wrong pin out. 


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