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Mazda 7 pin Distributor wiring?


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Has anyone wired a Mazda 7 pin distributor into the link?

It has the crank signal in it but I cant figure out the wiring or find a decent diagram.



Unfortunately in a different language.


B5B4-18-200 Is the part number for the disributor, it has a single 7 pin plug and no external coil.

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Yeah not much info on that one.  From the few bits of vague info I fairly confident of these ones:


A = sensor ground. 

B = +12V supply to CAS.

D = Ignitor ground (ground to engine)

E = Ign signal from ECU.


I assume C is one of the triggers and possibly F or G (I think G is possibly labeled wrong on your drawing).  So I would connect up just A & B, turn the dizzy by hand while holding a multimeter on C,F & G to see which have a pulsing signal coming out.

One the 3pin connector I think it would only need 12V on A (coil supply).  




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