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Water Pump Settings


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Hi Team 

i need some help. 
I’m running a high performance 331 cub, injected Windsor with alloy rad, CSR elec water pump, Xtreme ecu. It has a high lift and duration cam and it prefers very advanced ignition timing (70 degrees). In fact it doesn’t like any less. The engine runs hot after a bit of driving (up to 110 deg C before I shut it off). 
it didn’t run hot before I changed the Can, had it tuned with the Link. 
i have checked the water pump settings done by my tuner and it appears it is set to open at zero rpm. I’m a first time Link owner so I’m not 100% sure. Could someone verify (pic attached) and recommend condition setting for me


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The aux is set to activite anytime the engine RPM is greater than 0 - i.e whenever the engine is running, but that doesnt necessarily mean the pump is running.  If you look down the bottom of that same screen you have that "GP PWM 1 DC" table, this is what controls the water pump speed.  So you will want to look at that table to see what it is set up to do.

Something is very wrong if you need 70deg of advance, Either the offset is very wrong or you are using the wrong spark edge or something. What does it have for an ignition system and how are you checking the timing? 

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Hi Adam

thx for your reply. 
it has individual coil packs and regraphed electronic distributor. 
the tuner said he checked tdc and I can only assume he used a timing light and his mainline Dyno and laptop. 
He also was perplexed at the timing but said that’s just what it wants. 
I’ll check the table

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The distributor was graphed to suit the engine specs. 
I have attached the table and a pic of the coils. I don’t have my book of specs with me and can’t remember what the coils are but I’ll attach a pic


Cool pic


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8 hours ago, JasonK said:

The distributor was graphed to suit the engine specs. 

If the ecu is controlling the ignition the distributor should be locked.  

It looks like your coils are GM LS*.


The way you interpret the water pump table is to think of the numbers in there as "Percent max speed".   So for example at 1000RPM your water pump will be at 33% speed with a cold engine, until the coolant reaches 60°C, after that it ramps  up to 66% by 70°C and from there ramps up to 99% at 90°C.  So the pump is doing max speed at 90°C already.  

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