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Subaru V10 plug in expansion connector


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Hello just bought and installed a V10 plug in in my usdm 2004 sti. Setup and initial fire went smooth. I did buy the expansion connector and I have a question on its functionality. The online manual and ivts help show 5 of the 8 pins have no function. The manual that came with the ecu had a function listed for all 8. Which is correct?

We tried to wire a sensor to the white wire which is no function / anvolt11 (I think) and it did not work. Connected the same signal wire to a non used wire in the car harness and it worked perfect.

Please let me know true functionality of this expansion connector.

Also I entered my ecu and serial number in the forum. Will I be able to post outside the guess area soon?


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Have updated you to full access with the serial number provided.

On the XS connector in your case the version in iVTS is the correct one.

AN Volt11 is on the 4pin connection.

To me this seems odd to have two connectors when one would do the trick ill put it to engineering to change this on next revision.

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I am adding 3 more sensors to the ecu, pre-intercooler air temp, oil pressure, and fuel pressure. Can I run all 3 sensor grounds to the sensor ground in the xs connector without overloading it?

the 2 pressure sensors also require 5V input, can I run both of these off the 5 volt supply in the xs connector without issue?

Thank you!

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