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AP1 S2000 E85 pin out


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Hello all, 

I'm installing an e85 sensor into an 2003 s2000. Tuner instructed the sensor be wired as follows: 12v - B1 or B9, Signal DI1/c29 or DI2/c10, and ground to c7 or c18. Problem is all these pins are used. So sensor 12v is simple enough, I can either find a switched source or tap into ecu 12v pre connector, however we prefer not to modify the stock harness. For sensor ground c7 is used for map ground and c18 is used for sensor ground no more than 1v. I could tap into c18 but again don't want to modify the harness. For signal in c29 is used for tdc (I'm assuming cam sensor) so that's a no go, and c10 is the vtec pressure signal, so again that's a no go. Can someone please provide proper pin locations for an e85 sensor. Thanks in advance. 

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If you dont want to do as the tuner suggested which would be perfectly fine, then you should use the expansion connectors.  You will have to find your own +12V supply but one of the expansion connectors has 5 spare DI's on it and signal ground.  Ground is actually not critical for a digital signal either - you could use chassis ground if easier.  

C29 is not used by the link ECU, and most users dont bother with the VTEC oil press switch on DI2 either.  

Note also DI 1 is connected to both Pin C29 and Expansion pin 8, so if using Expansion 8 ensure C29 is disconnected.

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