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CAN cable


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Hi Guys, 

I am currently using AEM Uego x-series AFR gauge with a LINK G4 Storm.

I was wondering if I am able to get a CANLTW - CAN Connection Cable for G4X/G4+ WireIn ECU’s (6 Pin CAN) and use it with the AFR gauge (white/black AEMnet+ and green/black AEMnet-)?

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no. it does not have a DTM connector. i was just wondering if i could use their CAN high and low for link g4 storm
mine is the 30-0300 gauge kit model. 

sorry for not specifying


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That gauge only works with a specific AEM CAN protocol, in our newer ecu's with configurable CAN you could make the ecu duplicate the AEM messages to make that gauge work, but the older G4 (non-plus) ecu did not have configurable CAN so you wont be able to make that gauge work. 

The Link CAN gauge will work, as will CANchecked, BTI and the perfect tuning gauges.   Your ECU if the serial number is less than 10000 will need the CAN hardware update if not already done.  

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