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Renault clio 2 to 3 vvti


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Hi all,

currently converting a clio 2 rallycar to extreme ecu.

its on itb's , no map sensor , on/of type intake cam, only has crank position (converted to 60-2), no cam sensor

engine will be rebuild: higher CR , different cams , and MK3 head , which has VVTI.

whats my game plan here ?
-i need a cam position sensor for the vvti 
-the solenoid will be changed to a pid controlled one
so i assume i cannot use the "clio 3" preset since i have no cam timing sensor(or can i use the cam position in a custom setup ?) 

note i have no experience with this motors so i'm all ears

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For the non VVT engine, assuming it has a proper 60-2 pattern and not the original weird Renault 60-1-1, then you can connect a MAP sensor to one intake port and use the MAP level sync function to get full sequential and direct spark.

For the VVT engine you will need a cam sensor (on a part of the cam, not the sprocket).  Clio 3 flywheel and cam would be the easiest if that is possible.  Otherwise if it again has a proper 60-2 pattern and not the weird Renault 60-1-1 then you are pretty free what you can do on the cam.  It will need 2 teeth or more and some non-symmetrical pattern that is different on one crank rev compared to the other so the ecu can determine phase.  So you could do something like toyota - 3 evenly spaced teeth all the same size, or in a 4-1 pattern, or the common "2 long, 2 short" like the clio 3 had.  

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