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G4X with (very) old AIM MXL Pro?


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I am looking at an unused AIM MXL Pro dash from what looks to be 2004 (yes, never used, good deal). I am concerned there may be compatibility issues with my G4X or other issues/limitations I might not be aware of. Anyone have experience with these and G4X, or should I just avoid it and get something newer?

My plan is to have all my (Link) sensors go to the G4X, then just send it all to the dash via CAN. The dash would also function as my logger as well.


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With the old MXL dashes they have a fixed, pre-configured CAN template so make sure it has all the channels you want (basically only a small selection of what is in the generic dash stream).  I will see if I can get a pic.  Also the old RS2 logging software was fairly capable, but wasnt particularly nice to use for data analysis.

You will only be able to display and log the below list from the ecu, + I think the pro has 8 analog inputs, 4 digital that could be used in the dash (not sent back to ecu):



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Thanks for the info, that helps. Data analysis is an important piece for me. Looks like brake pressure and steering angle is missing from the CAN template? I suppose I could add those to the dash using the available channels.

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