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Scope to view Subaru V7 STI Rear Camshaft Sensor


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Hey team, 

We're trying to view the scope for the rear cam sensors on the v7 vvt sti heads to see if we've got the polarity around the right way.  These sensors are a 2 wire plug etc. 

Real easy for trigger 1 and 2 to view via the main menu.  

But how do I view the rear cam sensors in the wave form? 



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  • Wiks changed the title to Scope to view Subaru V7 STI Rear Camshaft Sensor

Not possible to view DI's in the trigger scope in G4+, those pins arent connected to the scope hardware. 

If you go to the VVT settings and set cam angle test to LH inlet with the test pulse count set to 4, then watch the 4 absolute cam angles in the runtimes screen while slowly increasing RPM, if they stay reasonably stable (say within +/-1deg) then the polarity is correct, if you get significant drift as RPM increases the polarity in wrong.   

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i've had them wrong in the past and its very obvious , they wander like crazy then


also: polarity is the same as the front cam sensor in the connector view
all cam sensor are same polarity in the plug , crank is opposite 

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