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WRX V11 plug-in   Operation of AUTO DCCD

k fuku

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WRX V11 plug-in  
Operation of AUTO DCCD

I heard that auto DCCD after GRB does not work without air flow signal input.

If the air flow signal is cut by LINK G4X plug-in, will it not work as well?

Or is the airflow signal still being sent as a dummy signal on the CAN side even after the cut?

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There is no MAF signal sent out on the CAN bus with the stock ecu as far as I remember, but there are several torque related channels sent from the ecu to the DCCD, and the factory ECU uses the MAF as one of the inputs to approximate engine torque.  The Link ecu instead uses the "torque management" function to generate the approximated engine torque, (air mass is already calculated in modelled fuel equation).  All of the torque related channels that are generated by the link ecu are very similar to the OEM ecu and I tested this for quite a few months in a large range of operating conditions.  Our base map will be close enough for most mild road engines.  Even with the stock engine and ecu the engine I found the torque variable is already maxed out at less than WOT so increasing engine torque or power above stock should not make a lot of difference to how the DCCD behaves either.  

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