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Mitsubishi Mivec 6g75 solonoid control


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I`am running a Vipec v88 on my mitsubishi 6g75 mivec engine. I nead help to setup the mivec solonoid. Its a on off type. And it i recomanded to have the PWM 100% duty on in max 1,5 sec to activate it then back it down to 80% to keep the solenoid from overheating, And the kick in at 4500rpm. And off under 4500 rpm. Is the aux 1 the best chanal.  And is the gp pwn the best way to control it. Does anyone have a screenshot of their setup. Maybe the same on evo? Thanks:-)

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That is the first time I have heard that one, they only draw 0.5A (thats like 6 or 7watts) so im not sure where the heat is meant to be coming from?  You are going to have to hold the engine above 4500RPM for a very long time to heat up a mass of metal that size with 6W:lol:   If you PWM'd it at 80% that would give you a massive energy reduction of 1.2W.  

So you can probably tell from my sarcasm that I wouldnt personally bother with PWM, however if you really did want to do what you ask, then set up would be like below.  Any aux 1-8 can do PWM up to 300Hz.  I dont have any idea what frequency would work but most likely 100ish would do.  



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Haven't burned one like that myself. But got tips. About those solonoids not being too happy to be kept open. At full amperage. But how would you hook it up. Is it better to leave it on a gp output. And turn it off and on by rpm

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