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Hi I have the old Blue G4 Storm ECU and am investigating gauges that are compatible with this ECU. 

1) Will my ECU work with the Link ECU CAN Gauge OLED 52mm? And if so do I need to buy a separate cable or connector? It has two round CAN connectors on the ECU.

2) What data can I expect to see on the gauge using the ECU I have? Not sure if my ECU natively does Oil Preassure & Oil Temp? Pretty sure it will show boost and Water Temp.

3) Is there any other brand of gauges that you know would work with this ECU natively?




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If the serial number is 10000 or higher then the ecu can output the "generic dash stream".  The only channel that wont work correctly as far as I know would be AFR.

If the serial number is below 10000 then the ecu will need to be returned to Link for a hardware modification to allow CAN to work (this is a free service).  

The only other CAN gauge that I know of that would work is the Perfect tuning one.  The BTI and CANchecked gauges would not work with a G4.  

List below is what would be available 


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