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G4X PNP NB2 Pin swaps?


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So I have a Mazda Demio 2001 and it has the same plugs to the ECU as the NB2 PNP.

I have been trying to match up the pins and there are some differences, are there any pins I cant swap in the map that I should be aware of? So far Injectors, Cooling fan, Fuel pump, TPS, ECU power, knock sensor, taco all match up.

Trigger setup is different but ignition comes out on IGN1(Demio has distributor) and on the correct pin.

Can you swap the pin a trigger is on? Are there any that cant be assigned?

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Aux 1 has a high side drive chip fitted to it for the VVT, so this cant be used as a normal low side drive type aux. 

Aux 16 is connected internally to a relay type circuit for use as an E-throttle relay, so this is not available. 

Everything else will be ok.

For the trigger, the crank signal must go to pin 33 and the cam signal to pin 32.  

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