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On board logging does it overwrite.


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I have the link Ecu logging enabled. I have maybe 15 items at at 10hz. I went for a drive for 45min.turned off the car. The started it and took a friend for a 7 min drive. When I downloaded the on board ecu log there was only 7 minutes worth of logging. 

Does it only keep logging from the last key on event? 

Any idea why this has happened? 

When the onboard log memory is full does it automatically overwrite of is there a check box that needs to be set for this to happen?

If I bring up real-time values it says memory is full. Does this mean it is full as normal and is slowly overwriting new log data? 

Here is a google drive link with my log file and my tune file: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PSkgjvUzi-73CSR9ZBwLT3R5QRIqrluw?usp=share_link

My Ecu is Link G4+blue storm. Engine is 3sge beams with itb's. 

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Yes it should always overwrite so you always have the full memory of most recent running in there.  I would expect you should be able to get about an hour of logging at that rate.  Did you have the download sliders selecting the full memory when you downloaded?

My only other thought is I have seen an internal log get corrupted before so it is sitting in there taking up memory but the download tool cant "see" it.  In that case you have to hit the delete all button to flush it out.  


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