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I have freezing problems due to disconnection with the ecu when making recordings with high engine load, and I have observed in States an error of "Database Error; Settings Overflow" and Database ID error 1144
I can't find precise information about what it means.
Could it make some sense with my disconnection with high loads when I make recordings?
Is it possible that it happens because I have many parameters recording?
Attached screenshots
Thanks guys


Sin título.png


new screenshot


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I remember the settings overflow error was just reported incorrectly in early firmware.  Can you check what firmware you are running? - you can find this by going to >help>ecu information, it is labelled "maincode firmware version".  Also while in that screen can you check what "main board revision" you have.

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That ecu you have is quite an old one, some of these had a more sensitive USB circuit in them, your disconnection issue at high load is most likely the high ignition energy interfering with the USB.  If you email [email protected] and tell them you have a disconnection issue and give the same ecu details as above, they can confirm and if it has the new or old USB circuit, if it is an old one they will give info on ow to return for an upgrade which should help.  

In the meantime, confirm other common noise factors are good - check the sparkplugs are resistor type, check all engine grounds have good clean connections, check ignition coil stalks/boots arent cracked etc.

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thanks Adam.  The ecu is G4X new from May 2021, old?  old would be a G4+ ecu, right?  I will review everything you have told me and I will write to Link.  Thank you

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hola, el problema de la congelación fue mi culpa, como dije antes no soy un experto, me gusta hacer registros viendo el gráfico de tiempo en vivo, creo que agregué más parámetros para registrar causando una falla en el procesamiento de la PC/ECU. Siempre había registrado parámetros y solo con la actualización de Fireware agregaría algunos parámetros más que provocarían la congelación.

El soporte técnico José María de Chile me ayudó por teléfono sin problemas. Gracias a todo el equipo de Link por la rapidez

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