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Pins for wirein


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i need some extra pins for a wire in setup , i've had some good experience with the pins sold in the connector kits

is this part nr 3-1447221-4 ? these seem to be out of stock eveywhere
84-9 is in stock but i'm unsure if thise will work

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The -4 is what we supply. 

-4 is officially rated for 20AWG where as the -9 is spec'd as 18-20AWG, so they may sound quite similar, but the -9 has quite a bit larger crimp barrel for both the conductor portion and Insulation portion. The tangs that wrap around the insulation are different design on the -9 too, they dont overlap and wrap around like the common -3/-4/-5 design.  

Recomended min/max insulation diameter on the -9 is 1.77-2.46mm

Recomended min/max insulation diameter on the -4 is 1.6-2.2mm

At the moment in the electronics world unfortunately the decision is often more "what is available" rather than "what is ideal".  You should find most of the bigger motorsport or automotive wiring companies will still have decent stocks though since a reel will last them like 5years...  Racespec, Prowire, Ballenger, Corsa etc.  


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