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trigger problem


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hi friends i need help with the readings of trigger 1

it  remains at "test gap" with 0 engine cycles and no signal from the strobo lamp

the actual gap of the VR sensor is 1mm, i tried varying in the range of 2mm and it didn't work either.

attached the basemap and logs.



basemap.pclx startup failed.llgx

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Your Trigger 1 sensor wires are back to front.

It also looks like you are trying to use Direct spark and sequential injection without having any cam sync (no trigger 2), does your engine have a cam sensor or just a crank sensor?

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I'll try switching wires on the trigger 1 sensor. 

I'm using 4 coils and 4 injectors, without a cam sensor. I'm using 1 output for each coil and for each injector. How do I configure it without a cam sensor?

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If no cam sensor, your injector wiring is ok, you will just have to set injection mode to multipoint group.  The ignition coils will have to be rewired in pairs to Ign drives 1 & 2 and ignition mode will have to be set to wasted spark.  

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