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Wrx ej25 1200cc injector upgrade


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Hey, I’ve just had my injectors upgraded to 1200 cc no the car won’t start there was a fault code to do with the o2 sensor but I have now linked the sensor to the ecu in hoping that was the issue of getting it to start with air and fuel mixture first of all it was running to rich and now running to lean car won’t start at all would anyone be able to help me pleaseeeee or even have a base map to suit 1200cc injector upgrade I’m running a link4 extreme ecu. 

someone pleasee help me it’s driving me insane 

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I have the ecu hooked up to laptop it’s so confusing I don’t know much about the numbers of what everything should be sitting on

I need to know how to reduce the fuel and what to turn it down to safely. 

sorry I been trying for days had friend who think they know what they are doing but we are getting no where

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