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CAN Keypad setup


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Need help on set up Greyhill 3K Series keypad. After I wire-in, there is no light or nothing on the keypad and it shows error like this. I swop CAN L-H but it still the same.

When I go to CAN set up page, followed the set up on the help file, set the CAN ID 405 but when I go to find CAN devices it doesn't detected anything. 

Please advice on set up. 


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On 1/14/2023 at 5:26 AM, Adamw said:

Is it a CAN open version?  Have you set the bit rate to match what the keypad was supplied with?

@Adamw Yes, its 3K208 with CAN open version but I don't know bit rate and CAN ID as it doesn't mention anything on the online-manual. Could u please help?



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The transmit error counter is most likely because you are still transmitting the dash stream to a device that is not present.  

Can you turn both the keypad and dash channels off and try find devices again.  Your ecu does have the latest firmware right?


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1 minute ago, tbase said:

@Adamw Is it possible to set the lower section (Backlight, Brightness and Startup LED?)


I haven't managed to control backlight brightness or key brightness on a Grayhill as of yet but it also hasn't been a particularly high priority.

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