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DBW issue


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I installed the ECU around 2 weeks ago and everything worked great initially. No issues with the DBW or idle control.  I was able to drive the car on the roads around my house with no issues.  I went out to do some cold start tuning today and everything worked fine until I decided to check the cold tip in response.  As soon as I touched the pedal the throttle opened up and never came back.  The ECU then started cutting fuel.  I tried changing some settings, but once it loses control there's no getting it back.  I have to shut the engine off, reset the ECU, and then it will idle like it's suppose to but will lose control as soon as I touch the pedal.

I'm not sure where to start with this whether it's a tuning or hardware issue and why it just started happening.

Any help would be appreciated.

18.pclx TPS.llgx

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Alright I got it figured out.  It was a change I had made to the dashpot.  I have been away from the car for a week and forgot I was going to try the dashpot after I drove it last.  I zeroed out the dashpot settings and it works like it did before.  

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There are actually quite a few idle related settings I dont like in your map.  I would copy the following list of settings out of our WRX V11 base map as much better starting points (FYI, you can open 2 instances of PC Link up side by side to copy settings across more easily):  APS/TPS lockout, RPM Lockout above target, all settings in idle ign control menu, Dashpot offset/hold/decay (dashpot can be quite different engine to engine), Deadband & Integral gain.   


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