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any way to add a 5th temp input on thunder?


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title says it all.   I've already used my temp inputs and wanted to add cooling fans and wanted to add another sensor in the radiator.

Current temp sensors are

Engine coolant (on engine side of thermostat)

Trans temp

Oil Temp

Intake Air Temp

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You can connect additional temp sensors into AN Volt Input - you have to connect a 1KOhm external pullup resistor.

On the  still unused Analog Input, select 'GP Temp (Ext Pullup)'. Then select the calibration table you have set for the sensor you installed.

Tempexternal pullup.png

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to add PWM fans does the Link ecu need to have a temp sensor in the radiator, for it's logic to increase fan speed?   my logic would say yes, because the engine temp coolant sensor is on the engine block side of the thermostat.   Am I correct in my assumption

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With my stock Mitsubishi ECU, and subsequently how I've copied the logic, it relies on only a temperature sensor in the engine. Once the thermostat is open, the radiator and engine are closer in temperature, and this is when the fan becomes relevant.

So, I think you'll be fine without needing to add extra temperature sensors.

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In that case, you've got your answers above - you can use an external pull-up resistor to add an extra temperature sensor, and if you ignore the "Engine Fan" functionality completely, and set up your own GP PWM table with your new temperature sensor as one table axis, then yes, you can vary the output based upon this sensor :)


But, you may be making it more complicated than necessary, I at least was just suggesting how an OEM has done it without a separate sensor.

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