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I installed the G4X V11 plug-in on a 2016 WRX sti (VAB) EJ20 engine JDM model.

AUX and digital analog inputs were ok and driving was possible.

Unfortunately, OEM meters and DCCD do not work well in OEM CAN mode 07-11 with errors as expected.
All the CAN items listed in the plug-in manual were wiped out.

I am considering replacing it with a dash meter.
Are there any plans for CAN support for JDM models after '15?

I personally would very much like to see it.


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Yes we have been working on CAN support for the 2015+ STI.  I have most of it working, so far I have only tested on 3 local cars 2015-2018 and I think they are all NZDM models. On two of those cars everything seems to work correctly,  on the 3rd car the boost gauge seems to read incorrectly sometimes so I still need to go back and do more investigation on that.   

I will send you some test software to try for us as it would be nice to confirm that it works in a JDM model.  I will just get the software assembled into a more user friendly installer package and will private message you when I have it.  

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