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Actually lost all respect!


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Seems asking anything on here these days has become about as helpful and useless as the ‘locked’ ecu status to protect against stolen ecu’s being used.
Would help if tech ever bothered to multiple support forms to have it flagged and stop anyone generating the unlock for it, if the 4 others that where taken couldn’t hve anything done about it could of atleast stopped the brand new locked ecu and had a chance of return instead of a 3k ecu getting handed to the theif cause link can’t be assed to bother replying about flagging it as stolen.

Thanks Link!! Perfect way to send a loyal customer of over 10 years sour against a brand that they’ve literally generated you’s stupid amounts of money over the years between the ecu’s for customer and all my personal cars used to run link and liked supporting a company that’s literally down the road, hard pill to swallow when they good enough to take your money but don’t value the customer enough to bother replying to try help make sure the what I’m sure the whole point of ecu being sent out ‘locked’ is to stop it being used in case of theft. 


looks like my money will be spent replacing them exploring other options from other companies than the place that pretty much said get f***ed kick dirt like it’s just .5% of the stuff stolen but 3k in anyones world is still a decent amount of money even if it didn’t lead to recovery atleast someone ain’t using it after steeling it or or it being sold to someone for peanuts ignoring it’s clearly stolen using it well the company pretty much hands it to them, kinda rubs one up the wrong way l when the basic so called protections become a joke after having close to 150k of stuff stolen from a storage facility. 


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I understand you're frustrated, but compared to a lot of aftermarket ecu manufacturers the tech support for Link is amazing.  I've used other ecus in the past that no amount of emailing/calling/messaging would yield any reasonably quick answer, and sometimes the answer wasn't even competent when you got one.  I don't consider link to be perfect by any means but they do a pretty darn good job in my opinion and much better than most.    

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