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AVCS on Subaru EJ207


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Hello there, I'v got a problem with my Subaru Impreza STI AVCS. The VVT solenid is almost opened or almost closed. There must be PWM signal, but it doesnt react when I change the Inlet Target Table, but react on Max DC Clamp Table changes. How can I control the VVT Solenoid signal?

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What ecu do you have?  There is a lot of unusual IO assigned.  

  1. You have trigger 2 set to LH Inlet cam, but a EJ207 should have trigger 2 connected to the cam sensor that is on the front cam sproket and the AVCS position sensor is a separate sensor at the back of the head, this AVCS sensor should be connected to a Digital input and assigned to LH Inlet.
  2. You have no Digital input assigned to RH Inlet Cam position.
  3. You have no Aux output assigned to RH Inlet Cam solenoid.  
  4. Once you have the correct sensor and solenoids connected and set up in the ecu, then you need to do a cam angle test on each cam to determine the correct offset.  This procedure is explained in the help file page: G4 ECU Tuning Functions > VVT Control > Tuning VVT Control >Cam Angle Test.  use a test pulse count of 4 for this test.



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My ECU is Subaru Impreza WRX V10 2004-2006 G4 Plug-In, my engine is EJ207 with AVCS Solenoids on inlet and 3 camshaft position sensors, but I can't connect camshaft sensors at the back of head, 'cause there is no pins for it. I think I need a 2007 ECU version to use 3 camshaft sensors to control VVT on this engine, right? 

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