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No injector activity after precrank prime.

Euen Burke

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Just trying to get first start on a BMW M60 V8.  We get a single pulse on the injectors with "Key On" but then nothing during cranking. All the injectors have been checked using Injector Test and appear to be operating correctly and in the correct order. The initial Key On pulse can be seen using a test lamp and also the injectors can be heard clicking. 

The base map has been created from a G4+ M60 base map from another M60.  I have had a look through the Pre Crank and Cranking Prime tables and cannot see anything that may be inhibiting the operation.  Map file attached

Hope you can help. Thanks

E36 M60 Base Map V3-01 28-10-2022.pclx

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The ecu needs to know crank position before it can inject fuel or command a spark  Your ecu statistics says the maximum RPM achieved has been 0.  So, you likely have an issue with the trigger.  Start by doing a trigger scope while cranking and attach here.  

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20 hours ago, Adamw said:

275 or -85 seems to be a common theme for BMW so you could give that a try.  I dont have any info specific to the M60.

Thanks, finally set to -75 and got it to run after increasing fuel main slightly and resetting MAP to BAP. No MAP sensor as using ITBs and trying to get decent MAP is difficult.

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