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early Honda B series trigger offset

Richard Hainsworth

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Hi Team

I've just wired in a monsoonX into a friends EF9 Civic. I've run into an issue with setting up the triggers. It runs a 16 tooth wheel in the dizzy I have run for trigger 1 and a single tooth wheel for trig2/sync. i cant for the life of me find where to set the trigger offset to? ive tried mostly 10 degree increments between -360 to 360 degree. Am i on the right track here? or am i missing something? would also be super helpful if someone had a ballpark figure i can enter to get it running and edit it from there. I am tempted to try the 24 tooth dizzy from my own similar car but that doesnt solve the issue with this dizzy.

Any help appreciated! 

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If you wind the engine over by hand to TDC#1 and give us a photo of where the single tooth is pointing inside the distributor will will be able to have a rough guess.  I have never seen a 16T one.  

What is the engine code?

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