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Trigger scope


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I am setting up a new i88 install and I am trying to use the built in scope function - how do you clear the scope? It's a pain to look through all the past junk to get to a brief sample. Also - you can only set the v/division but not any offset.

No real Instructions to work with!

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the only way that the scope will clear back to a blank page is if you shut the software down.

However this is not necessary as if you wish to do another scope capture, you just set your voltage scale and your time divisions and hit capture again.

The newest scope trace will now be recorded.

I have setup a folder in "MY PICTURES" and called it ViPEC SCOPE TRACES.

I save the files as JPEG's in that folder.

You can then open and review the different scope traces and analyse them by the name you have saved them as.

You can probably use other software to manipulate the JPEG image to do overlays etc if required.

However I have never had to do any of this.

The trigger scope for me is to check for a consistent triggers from Trig 1 or Trig 2 or both and check for errors etc.

Recording at different time divisions will give you more detail.

Hit capture at any RPM you think you may have a problem, save the data.

But when you have captured the data use the scroll tab at the bottom of the page to move back and forth through the trace.

This is not really designed as a full blown oscilloscope, it is designed as a simple aid for the user and for tech support.

This makes operation of the scope capture very easy for most users to be able to capture the data easily.

If you need more detail than the Trigger Scope offers, then unfortunately you will require an oscilloscope.



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I do have a 'real' scope...but I was trying to set up the trigger and I wanted to use the vi-pec scope to get a basic delta between the cam synch and the crank 60-2 trigger. That would be an easy way to set it up since I use a cam lobe as the cam trigger. it would be a wild guess to get it to run to fine tune the ignition timing, The TDC mark on a Porsche 944 is very small and only shows up in a +/- 5 degree window in the bellhousing - so the chances of seeing it by the guess method are pretty small! That makes it hard to do by yourself.

The other odd thing is that the scope function is not showing anything more than a tenth of a volt variation when cranking but the engine speed display is showing a steady cranking RPM.

Background info - this car was running with a Haltech ECU so all sensors were functioning and the engine is sound.

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If you know where your gap is relative to the sensor is at TDC then you can calculate the offset.

So if the gap goes past the sensor by say 60deg before reaching TDC the offset will be -60

If the gap goes past the sensor after TDC then the offset will need to be a positive figure.

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