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Kiggly 12 tooth vs 12-1 crank trigger


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Hi I have been running my EVO 6 on a EVO8X g4x plug and play for a couple years now and was planning on making a few changes this spring before I put the car back on the road after winter. I am looking at updating my crank trigger to the Kiggly setup from the factory crank trigger for the increased resolution. I have read the previous threads on the forum here about install and setup but all seem to be just the 12 tooth crank trigger. So I guess my question is. Is there any benefit to running their 12-1 crank trigger wheel with a cam sync over the 12 tooth crank trigger wheel with a cam sync.


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Yes a 12-1 is a better option in my opinion.  2 reasons:

  1. On average a missing tooth trigger will give more consistent sync speed during startup as the ecu needs to see the missing tooth twice before it has enough info to sync (ie between 360 & 720deg rotation).  As apposed to a multi-tooth set-up where the ecu needs to see the cam tooth before it can determine position, this can range anything from 0 to 720deg.  So crank enrichment etc needs to work over a wider range of variables.
  2. With a missing tooth trigger the position of the cam tooth is not critical at all - it can move around or cross edges etc with no consequence.  In contrast with a multi-tooth set-up the cam tooth position is quite critical - it needs to be quite well centered between 2 crank teeth.  If it happens to be too close and crosses over the crank edge then your ignition timing will suddenly change by 30deg.  With 12T you have quite a bit of wiggle room so not high risk, but you can run into issues say if you later replace the cam belt or adjust cam timing without checking and adjusting alignment of the cam tooth again.  

Since you lose a little resolution for a short time due to the missing tooth, preferably you want the missing tooth to be around 90BTDC or 90ATDC so it is outside of the region where you want the best accuracy for spark timing.  

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As always thx for the quick and detailed reply Adam I appreciate the info I will go with Kigglys 12-1 crank trigger. Checking the provided info about the missing tooth on their website. The missing tooth is located at 105deg BTDC. It would be nice to go with a even higher tooth count crank trigger wheel. But It seems no one makes a higher tooth count crank trigger wheel setup for evos or at least that I have been able to find online anyways. Either way this should be a nice improvement over the stock crank trigger wheel.

Thx again for your time

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