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Closed loop problems captured finally in this log.


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So I have had the problem with my fury ecu doesn't control boost appropriately. I have to make a pull through 3rd and 4th gear pushing the full WG DC table before the Boost Gear WG trim will apply. Once the BGWG controls boost it will consistently control boost per the BGWG setting until ECU is powered down. Once I start the car from parking it the ecu will run the 100% of the WG DC table. Then I have to make 3rd and 4th gear pull at 32psi before the BGWG table is applied and pulls the boost back to the settings entered in the BGGWG table.  I am running a 4 port boost solenoid. Can anyone tell me why this delay is happening? 

Log:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RGZGDnMAUsCUZmIIHLAAYlyZPOyeUSXe/view?usp=share_link

Tune: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vo4An-dYQfLr-OV2AZgPLAwZwuQcPBc9/view?usp=share_link



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You need to look at "Boost status" to make sure you are activating your stages at a suitable time.    

In this case there are a couple of issues:

  1. Your stage 1 duty is too low and possibly your "stage 2 on" setting is too small, so for your first WOT event it never gets close enough to the target to activate stage 2.  Stage 2 only activates just at the end of the 2nd WOT event.  FYI, Stage 1 intent is to keep the wastegate closed tightly while boost builds, typically it will have significantly higher DC than is required for normal operation (80% is common).  At a bare minimum it needs to have at least enough DC to reach the target. 
  2. After you lift off it stays in stage 2, this is not what you want, it should drop back to stage 1 so you get fastest spool for the next acceleration event.  This is because you have the MAP activation set to 0kpa, Stage 1 wont be reactivated until you go back below the RPM or MAP activation.  I suggest you change this to 90kpa.
  3. Not relevent in this log but it will become an issue if you ever get close to target:  You have stage 2 ON and stage 3 ON set to the same pressure, this means you will jump straight to stage 3 missing stage 2 sometimes.  You need stage 2 activating earlier, say 50kpa.  You also have derivative and integral set to 0 so that means stage 2 and 3 are effectively doing exactly the same proportional only control which defeats the purpose of having 2 different stages.
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