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Mazda Rotary Trigger wheel options


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Finally looking at Link'ing the RX2 rallycar. 

As the S4 CAS is prone to "scatter".... (and is kinda detrimental to Carbon apex seals at big rpm.. ask me how I know this...) What's the preferred Crank mounted Trigger Teeth options?

I can go with the S6 RX7 Home and CAS (crank trigger) style pretty easily, but is it worth going for a 60-2,

Or is a 36-1 or 36-2-2-2 (RX8) sufficient? 

Peak rpm is around 9200 When I'm being silly....

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  • kaptainballistik changed the title to Mazda Rotary Trigger wheel options

I wouldnt bother with 60-2, but a 36-1 or the RX8 one would be noticeably better than the 12T S6.  The main difference is how much drift you get under high crank acceleration.  With some basic testing I done many years ago, gong from 2 crank teeth to 12T was a massive difference, going from 12T to 24T was a good improvement again.  Going from 24 to 36T I couldnt really tell any difference with the gear I was testing with.  

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