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LF Wheel speed parameter not working


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hi, my evo 1 wheel speed parameter stopped working after the car was tuned, i m guessing the speed is calculated from ASB through CAN, i have tried the ASB sensors from a working car without any success. i believe the CAN setting may have been changed during the Lambda sensor and gauge install. If anyone could check the CAN setting would be appreciated.

attached tune

DR4G final tune on 100oct.pclr

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The signal in those just comes from a sensor (or possibly reed switch) in the back of the speedo.  So provided the stock dash is still there and the speedo is working it may suggest either a wire has broken somewhere or the sensor in the speedo has failed.  

A lot of Nissans and Toyotas from that era had reed switches which have a finite life so a lot of those are failing now.  

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