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How to set GEAR SHIFT CONTROL with different versions of PCLINK

orange EP

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I am using G4x atom
I tried to set up GEAR SHIFT CONTROL, but
The settings of pclink 6.20.40 and pclink 6.23.15 were different.
Is it possible to set pclink 6.23.15 like GEAR SHIFT CONTROL of pclink 6.20.40?
I want to set like pclink 6.20.40 .

thank you.


PCLINK gear-shift setting 6.20.40.png

PCLINK gear-shift setting 6.23.15.png

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We generally try to keep backwards compatibility in our firmware updates, but in this case the control logic needed such large changes and deeper integration with limiters, throttle control etc, so it was not possible.  

You should still be able to duplicate the same shift strategy with the new system though.  If you attach your old and new map Im happy to set it up for you.  

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Thank you for your answer.
Attach the pclx file created with pclink 6.20.40.

Is it possible to change the setting of GEAR SHIFT CONTROL in this pclx file to the setting of pclink 6.23.15?

Or if I keep using the old pclink 6.20.40, can I use the GEAR SHIFT CONTROL?

EP82 v2.8(inj up,tenka up,boostup,減速時燃料カット無) Toyota EP82 4e-fte sequential injection.pclx

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