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Oil pressure & gauges wiring.


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Good afternoon I'm new to all this. 

So here goes. I'm in middle of building a race car with a Vauxhall 1.4 8 valve engine. 

Using a atom ecu. What's the best way to wire up the oil pressure sensor i.e. what pin out on ecu. 

And then NXT question is to send signal to the water temp, oil pressure and rpm gauge what's the best way and pins to do this. I'm hoping 1s iv got my head round this I should be ok. 


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If you have a 3 wire oil pressure sensor, then 5V to one pin, sensor ground to the other, signal pin connected to any spare analog input.  The tacho to any spare aux output.  The water temp gauge would usually have its own sensor, not connected to the ecu.  Oil press gauge maybe able to spare the sensor with the ecu but it will depend on the type of gauge.  

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As a general comment yes, if you are willing to put in the time to experiment with frequency and build a PWM table to match the gauge calibration.  But an Atom only has 4 aux outputs so they are usually a fairly precious resource (tacho, fuel pump and fan have taken 3 already).   Aftermarket temp gauges generally come with a sensor that the gauge is already configured for so in my opinion its a bit of a waste of time calibrating it all yourself and a waste of an output just to save a single extra wire.  Personally I would rather use the output for something more important like a combined driver warning lamp/shift light or similar.

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