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m113 swap

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i want a custom adapter that connect the  harness connector mercedes-benz w211 2008 

from m272 engine to m113 engine ecu . 


more explanation , i have w211 2008 mercedes -benz with m272 engine , i want to swap mercedes - benz m113 engine , 

 the m272 ecu have a 2 connectors one from the engine it self and the another come from the car . 

and the m113 engine ecu have a 5 connectors , 

i want a custom adapter that connect between the 2 connectors that goes to the m272 engine ecu and convert them to 5 connectors that goes to the m113 engine ecu . 

that's all of it. 


and thank you 

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I think the physical connection would be the easy bit, you would have all the CAN bus stuff to reverse engineer first to allow this to work, as well as I think nearly all W211's are auto trans so there would need to be a lot of reverse engineering of the trans control system too.

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