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ecu tutorial


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hi everyone.

I now own a vehicle with the vipec v88.

it was getting some work done on it and I ended up with a link dash, street edition.

I know the ecu was updated to latest software the dash too. 

I'm wanting to learn the basics of navigation,  look at settings, adjust if need be.... which I don't need to at the moment, but things like fan temp settings ect which may need a tweak, get feed back from how things are working. it is running well and been dyno tuned, no issues, and that is the most important thing, get out of the ecu without causing any issues.  I'm not interested in actual engine tuning at this stage, it doesn't need to be done and crawl before you walk.

so is there some resources to learn, any courses, maybe someone in my area who can show me in person?

I'm in the bay of plenty. vehicle is supercharged 1uz lots of wiring and sensors,  ecu setup has been done. 



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Evans Performance Academy or High Performance Academy are the two kind of "go-to" places for this kind of thing.


Are you needing to know the fundamental basics of ECUs, tuning etc too, or just the Link ECU specific things? (If you don't know the fundamentals, you may struggle with some of the more advanced "tweaking" parts...)


Also - don't be afraid to just play around with the VTS software - connect to the car and save off the current configuration before you do anything else, then you've always got a working configuration you can go back to.


When looking around, you can do this fully off-line with no risk of overwriting anything on the car.

Or, to see the effects "live", whilst connected to the car - so long as you don't "Store" to the ECU, any changes you make whilst connected will be "reset" when you turn the car off.


Also, the "Help" available in the application is fantastic, and really useful, and covers a lot.

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thanks for your reply, I will look into those places. 

I just want to learn... which ever way might be best. right now I just want to learn my setup.

I think sitting next to someone else for the first time might be best, but maybe those places you listed will give me confidence without that. I have seen hpa on you tube, but just havnt found a start point. the very start. 

I get what you are saying about doing a save point . it's just knowing how, and did it work, and how to restore if need be.

i will check out your links, thanks.

oh, for reference, nobody mentions vipec,  what is the link equivalent ecu?

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