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Automated transmission control


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Later in the year , I'm thinking of upgrading to a Link G4x Extreme from my VR4Link plug n play as I want to upgrade to drive by wire. I'm also hoping that I may be able to control my automatic transmission. At the moment, I have aftermarket TCU that controls the solenoids in auto mode and a manual mode via paddle shifters. I was wondering if any sort of auto transmission style control is something that may be in any future updates. My current TCU controls shifts via tps and speed for up shifts ans down shifts.

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I know Vaughan was playing around with the basics of an auto trans function a while ago but put it to one side due to other priorities and the hardware limitations that would restrict the range of gear boxes we could do.  With most autos you need quite a few high side drive outputs and quite a few DI's, even with an Xtreme with some trans you would use nearly all DI's and all high side auxes just for the trans.  There are ways to reduce the many DI's by using an external circuit to multiplex them into an analog input but its something we dont have at present.  

Still a long way off is my general feeling.

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Oh cool. I forget how many inputs my aftermarket TCU uses. Apart from Rpm , tps and speed , there is another 6 DI inputs. Shift up and down for the paddle shift  , Hold in 2nd for stalling up , sports and normal shift modes and brake input and 2 shift maps in auto/manual mode. 

That with 5 DI on the VR4Link would Max out the Extreme . I'll stay with my current TCU . 

Thanks again. 

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