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3S-GTE (ST205 GT4) - Individual cylinder EGTs


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Hi, we run a ST205 in local tarmac rallies (with plug-in TST205 G4X).

It has finally done a head gasket, so we are getting it checked then rebuilt with bigger cams, e-throttle, larger turbo etc. When discussing with our engine builder, he is keen to have individual cylinder EGTs. I'm thinking the easiest way is to connect the thermocouple probes into an amplifier that goes straight to Canbus (something like this maybe: https://www.ptmotorsport.com.au/product/egt-can-expander/). We can then setup protection like in this thread (\\https://forums.linkecu.com/topic/16732-can-tc-egt-safety-2jz/#comment-106946 - many thanks for the info). 

We will also have a PowerTune dash hanging off the Canbus and I'd just like to check if there is anything I need to be aware of like:

- should I put the PowerTune dash on a separate Canbus to the Thermocouple Canbus amplifier (I think the TST205 has more than one canbus?)

- any other recommendations for a Thermocouple->Canbus amplifier? Given the electronics involved there are lots of things out there that seem really overpriced given what is inside them.

I'm familiar with Canbus, given I have successfully decoded a handful of Canbus IDs on our GR Yaris (we are using the PowerTune dash to log these when racing whilst we wait for our GT4 to come back to life). 

Any info much appreciated.



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Yeah the ECU master CAN EGT is a good option, probably the most cost effective and seems reliable.  Ive never personally really liked devices with screw terminals in a motorsport application - but then again I have never heard of anyone having a problem with these so that may just be some connector snobbery coming through.   

It runs at 1Mbit/s by default which is the same as your dash so you can connect them both on the same bus.  There are set-up instructions in the help file for this device and and CAN user stream files in PC link to make it easy.   

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