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R35 coils on 4g63t (1g DSM talon) wiring setup


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Ok if you want to do direct spark, then wiring would be like this:

Cyl 1 coil connect to Ign 1, pin 54.

Cyl 2 coil connect to Ign 2, pin 55.

Cyl 3 coil connect to Ign 3, pin 56.

Cyl 4 coil connect to Ign 4, pin 57.


As you can see on the pinout below, Ign 3 is currently used for the fuel pump relay so I would move that fuel pump wire to Aux 2, pin 53 since you are unlikely using the EGR solenoid.  Ign 4 currently is connected to the fuel pressure control solenoid, you dont need this valve so you can just leave it disconnected.  





The other option is to pair the coils together for wasted spark, the only real disadvantage in this case would be if using knock control, if you get knock on just one cylinder then the ecu will retard both cylinders that are connected to the same ign drive. 

Wasted spark would be like this: 

Cyl 1 & 4 coil connect to Ign 1, pin 54.

Cyl 2 & 3 coil connect to Ign 2, pin 55.


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I would run 4 new trigger wires from the ecu to the new coils.  All of the coil ground wires should be connected to a single clean ground point preferably on the cylinder head.  The 12V supply for the original coils should be fine to use for the new coils.    

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