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Razor PDM and G4+ Ecu


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Getting close to pulling the trigger on a Razor PDM for my road car (not to replace all the OEM fuses and relays, but to replace some aftermarket fuses and relays like headlights, fuel pumps, etc.)

However, on reading the manual it seems that the "OOTB" support for the CAN communication between PDM and ECU is limited to the G4X ECUs, and my car is running a G4+ ECU.

It seems I can probably configure custom CAN stream(s) to allow the ECU to communicate with the PDM, but I wanted to double check here before I pull the trigger. Can I do the following using a G4+ ECU?

1) Use ECU inputs and/or runtime values to control outputs on the PDM?

2) Use spare PDM ADIOs as inputs to the ECU (i.e. Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, etc)?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Yes you can send virtual auxes etc to the PDM to trigger fuel pump or fans etc.  
  2. The G4+ is pretty limited in what Analog inputs it can accept over CAN.  Oil & fuel Press, Exhaust press and 8 lambdas and 8 EGT's I think are the only ones that will work natively just like a hard wired analog input.  There are 8 generic "CAN analog" inputs but these cant be labelled or have units applied etc so they are less useful than a normal analog input.  You can still use them in virtual auxes and on table axes etc but you need to remember that "CAN AN V1" is the boost knob or whatever.   I dont see a way you could get oil temp to work in the PDM, or be received via CAN into the G4+.  The CAN DI's are more flexible, you can do most stuff a normal DI can do, there are some limitations and I dont remember them all so have a go at doing a dummy setup to confirm you can do what you want.  I will attach the list of inputs the G4+ can receive via CAN below FYI.

The other limitation to know about is G4+ can only send out specific PWM functions via CAN.  From memory only Fuel pump speed control and boost solenoid.  You couldnt for example have a GP PWM table for fan speed in the ecu and send that out to the PDM.  For simple stuff you could however send say ECT to the PDM and have it vary fan speed based on temp or whatever.    


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