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Link_NGTR G4+ driving NGK U5014 (VAG coils)


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Does anyone have any electrical info on those coils?

Specificly the needed drive current.

As the G4+ can only drive 20mA i wonder if this is enough or that i need to add pull-ups.

Getting massive misfires

Dwell is +2ms so should be ok.


Ignition Outputs
G4+ ECUs offer up to eight independent ignition drives which can be used in a wide range of configurations
from a basic distributor set-up through to more complex multi-coil arrangements. Unused ignition channels
can be used for additional auxiliary outputs (simple switching functions only). Direct spark, wasted spark
and distributed ignition configurations are supported.
G4+ Ignition Specifications:
Ignition Drive High 20mA @ 5V
Ignition Drive Low 2A over current protected
Open Collector (not fly-wheeled) in auxiliary output mode.


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G4+ has no worries driving those coils.  They have an impedance of about 330ohm so will pull about 15mA at 5V.  Somebody has been very conservative with the  20mA quoted in the help file, I have even done those coils wired in pairs for wasted spark before - so at least 30mA.  

Actually out of interest I just done a quick simulation of the G4+ ign drive circuit, it should be capable of about 52mA at 5V per drive, and those coils will trigger right down to about 3V so lots of headroom.  


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