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Can I use an Ethrottle expansion unit to control a 2nd e-throttle, on an Xtreme?


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Just seeking some clarity on this. 
If I wire up one throttle to an Xtreme as per normal to the regular ethrottle pins. Can I then wire a 2nd up using the expansion module, and it'll control both happily?

As the notes look to indicate that the expansion module is for setups that dont have ECU e-throtle capability. 
I assume it all just works off the same target throttle angle table and so on.


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Yes, you can use the external module to do 2 x E-throttles.  Common for VR38's and VQ35HR's etc.  You can assign different target tables and PID parameters to each throttle but keep in mind if using E-throttle for idle control, then the Idle control function will have some effect on both throttles when idle conditions are met.    

Edited.  Oops, I was thinking G4X.  The G4+ Xtreme cant do 2 e-throttles sorry.  

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