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CAN Keypad with 2x PDMS


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I have had a go at this based on what I’ve learned using other PDMs and OEM can streams, but is it not possible to drive 2 PDMs with one keypad?  

Specifically the blink 12 button keypad I’d like to drive separate PDM outputs. 
Do I need to capture the button activity with the ecu and then send it onto the second PDM?

Any help would be appreciated 

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Yeah its a bit of a pain at the moment.  

A couple of options:

Create a keypad setup on both PDMs with identical settings for max counts and parameters. With only one PDM having a "Tx Rate" set for the keypad, this way the counts for keypad buttons will remain in sync and each PDM can access this value. The downside to this is that only the PDM that's transmitting can set the keypad LED color.   

The other option is as you have mentioned where you use the ecu to re-send the button out to the 2nd pdm.  In the last couple of setups I have done I found most keypad control was needed on one PDM and the other only needed a couple of buttons so this method was easiest. 


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Dropped the tx on one pdm and the led disco of death is gone. 1 problem down. 
I noticed that the software/pdms are not happy to be setup together, they cross-polinate settings at random including layouts

Secondly, the pdm will not connect if the ecu is also attached. Full course of restarting the app and pdm usually sorts this out. 

Third thing is that a fan start seems to reset/disconnect the pdm, im going through the logs and trying to source the reason



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Okay… progress. Sort of. 

Now because i have 2 pdms i might be doubling the drama, but fhats where i am now. 

I am seeing outputs drop on 1 pdm when the other sees a change in load. Fan switching on the front causes. The rear to fail, although I dont see any events in the logging. A gear pump started on the second pdm causes an auxiliary that is powering the e throttle to fail. 

It doesnt appear to be just current causing this dropout as i can manual switch the outputs without affecting the rest of the system. Inducing a manual pwm output seems to cause the most disruption. 


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Sorry for the slow reply.  That sounds odd.  Is it only ADIO type outputs that are giving this behavior, or the high current ones also?  

BTW, possibly too late now but I was told today support for keypad sharing between multiple PDM's is coming in the next software release.

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Id like to say its just the high outputs but nothing ive seen makes me think its only those that are playing up. The car has another major issue so time isnt as tight as it was last week. 

i think a more knowledgeable head on the problem will be the next stage. 

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