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Failed throttle blip


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Am I sucking too much fuel off the port walls before I blip my throttle?  Or what else am I doing wrong?  Usually my blips are just fine, but on my drive home today (~40 miles) I had two instances after some engine braking where I had no throttle response.  Tach stayed running the entire time, so I don't think it was trigger related.

First time I was engine braking down a hill, got to the bottom and eased back onto throttle and had zero response. (no log available, ECU log filled up)

Second time I was trying to blip for a downshift and had a dead pedal.  Engine didn't try to die, just didn't pick up.  Pretty sure this spot in the log was it.


5sgte - 2.13.2023.pclr

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1 hour ago, Adamw said:

Do you have oil pressure, GP Limit 1 or Ign cut logged?  Your GP Limit 1 looks a bit optimistic for hot oil pressure around the idle area to me.  

I have oil pressure logged, at the blip attempt oil pressure is at 45psi, puts the limiter at about 5000rpm.  Hot idle oil pressure is about 26-28psi at 1000rpm.  Unfortunately my ECU log doesn't have GP limit 1 or Ign cut logged.


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