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ecu housings , Subaru & Nissan


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Hi all,

i've been there a few times : i order a plugin for the customer and the car doesnt have a factory ecu available. So where do people find the files to print some cases ? i now need some for the wrx6 plugin , but might also need one for a gtrx plugin in the future

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Personally I've always bought used ecus off ebay for the cases when needed.  Often times there are other similar year ecus from an OEM that use the same case but different internals at lower cost.  Obviously if you're installing Link internals it doesn't matter too much what's inside to begin with.  If it's an application you plan to do a lot of, it may be worth your while to scan and create a CAD file for printing in the future.  Googling 3D Print File for ecu cases isn't turning up much - probably because they are proprietary designs for the OEMs.

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