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coil on plug (direct spark) setting for evo 8


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I'll try direct spark coils for my evo8.

Then, I have a question on wiring.

Currently, my evo link G4 plug-in uses ign1 and ig2 for wasted spark. And, ig3 for fuel pump and ig4 for Eg fan 3.

So, do I have to re-wire for fuel pump and Eg fan 3 to like ig5 and ig6 so that I can use ig3 and ig4 for direct spark?

Or is there any way to use ig5 and ig6 wiring for direct spark signal?

I'd like to minimize cutting stock ECU wiring harness.

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You must use Ign 1/2/3/4 for 4 cyl direct spark.  So yes, you will have to shuffle the FP and fan to some other aux.  Preferably to spare Ign or Inj drives if you have any as I think the fan relay will back feed if connected to a normal aux.  

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