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2D Launch Control Issue?


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According to this post http://www.linkecu.com/forums/link-g4-e ... #320657273 there is an issue with the LINK and 2D launch control. Does this also affect the I88 Plug-in for my Subaru (V10) 2004 STi USDM?

I am racing this weekend and trying to dial in launch control, don't want to be chasing my tail if 2D has an issue.

How can 3D be setup to work like 2D? I really just need a single stationary launch setting that deactivates at a set speed.



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The 2D is rpm vs ground speed. Ground speed is not an option for the 3D table. I use LF wheel speed for un-driven wheel speed, would this work for my launch control as well?

Thanks for your help.

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