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Leap past older Firmware to update.


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My current V88 firmware is Feb 2013. New one is Nov 2013. But there was in April 2013. Does it make any difference If I update w/o first doing the previous update? Also, is there any place that lists the changes in each firmware prior to installing them? I couldn't find anything. It just says it is within the new firmware.


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when you enter the firmware update page you will be presented with a box with all the different firmware upgrades that are available for you to select and upgrade to.

You should read the upgrade changes made for each firmware update, listing bug fixes and added features.

Some new added features must be setup prior to the ECU being used again.

The new windows based firmware updater gives you the option of reverting back to a previous firmware version should an issue occur from a new firmware upgrade.

The old DOS based system didn't allow for this option.

Upgrade to the current 4.9.9 and make sure the usb drivers install correctly.



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This is what concerns me and how to look for this.

Some new added features must be setup prior to the ECU being used again.

I did DL the newest firmware on my work PC because all I do with it here is to view logs and such.

Nothing in the last 2 firmwares looked to be important to my layout. I have attached my latest map just in case you have time to look at it and see. AN10, 11 I do use, but never have had issues that I know of.


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You can find the list of changes made to the firmware through the VTS help file.

Navigation: Vi-PEC Tuning Software VX Users Manual > Release Notes >ECU Firmware Version Information

Firmware Version 4.9.9 (Rev 1800) - 26-11-13


· Wastegate Duty Cycle was not being logged.

Firmware Version 4.9.9 (Rev 1780) - 11-11-13

New Features

· Data logging will discard any logs less than two seconds long. This is to prevent unnecessarily filling of the available logging slots. Short logs could be recoded when logging switching conditions were momentarily true and then false.


· The staged injection table used the wrong cell if the load axis was set to MGP.

· A communications lockup could happen if Prime Fuel was turned on and the Prime Time was set to zero.

· If dual MAP limits were used, the axis option was ignored on table 1 and instead always used ECT.

· If MAP limit had it axis set to RPM, the value used was from two cells to the left of where it should have been.

· An *undefined* Idle Speed Control status was sometimes displayed.

· Differential Fuel Pressure did not read correctly if An Volt 1 was configured for Fuel Pressure.


· The logged parameters have been changed. This allows logging of a more use set of parameters. It is essential that logging is erased before or after this firmware update. If not, downloading of any logs recorded on old firmware will cause corrupt log files.

· Aux frequency maximum values have changed to 4 kHz for Aux 1 to 4 and 300 Hz for Aux 5 to 8.

· The order of parameters in the short and long serial data streams have changed. This is a result of the changes to logged parameters. If using a display that uses serial communications, it will need to be checked for compatibility with the new serial streams.

Firmware Version 4.9.8 (Rev 1539) - 11-04-13


· 12 Cylinder engines could not run on twin distributor mode.

· A problem that occurred when Fuel Mode was set to off and Pre Crank Prime was on Start Position and the Start Position DI was active.

Firmware Version 4.9.71 (Rev 1495) - 22-02-13


· A problem where the ECU would stop if VVT control was configured on digital inputs but VVT Mode was set to off.

· Improved high RPM stability of both Holden V6 Alloytec trigger modes.

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