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EVO 8 V44 plugin - no knock or speed input?


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Hi All,

Got my new car, Evo 8 running V44 plugin and I've noticed in the logs there is no knock #s or speed values?

I would have thought being a plugin model this would work off the bat? or is it not enabled in my tune or something?

Attached is the tune file. Also need to work out some of my start issues, sometimes cold start is 2500rpm+++ idle and other times hot start, starts and will then stall if I dont touch the throttle

evo 8.pcl

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going by the EVO PNP HELP FILE page all of your Digital Inputs are setup incorrectly.


DI 1 = Ignition switch

DI 2 = Start signal

DI 3 = I/C SPRAY switch manual

DI 4 = Vehicle speed

DI 5 = I/C Spray switch auto.

DI 6 = A/C Request.

To have Knock Control it must be turned on, but you will require a digital knock interface for the V44.

Knock control is made active and setup under the KNOCK CONTROL tab under the ECU Settings tab.

Your ECU is also running 4.9.1 firmware, you should update it to the current 4.9.9 firmware.

Setup as i have described and see if you issues are resolved.

As for your idle speed issues you will require an experienced tuner to get this correct, by all means give it a go if you feel you have an understanding on how this works, however if not leave for an expert.



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what is the significance of the digital inputs being wrong?

the car runs pretty well and drives, aircon works etc so id be pretty cautious fiddling with the digital inputs.

whats the worst that could happen if i change those DI's to what you've stated here?

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Hi Paul,

I am only going by the help file PNP vehicle specific settings.

I have just checked the other models and it appears that your digital inputs are setup as an EVO 9,

I have no idea what is happening here other than your car had had an EVO 9 engine upgrade.

The EVO 9 engine is the only one showing the engine to have VCT.

If you start the engine with your laptop connected and hit the F12 key to bring up RUNTIME VALUES.

Click on the digital inputs tab and check DI3 is changing speed wise as you drive the car.

I have modified your PCL file and added DI3 SPEED to your PC LOG FILE LIST.

Load this PCL file and create a new gauge on one of your page layouts, DI3 SPEED, if you want to watch the speed on your laptop.

Open your log file and see if speed has logged.

I made my comments based on the fact you stated the vehicle is an EVO 8 , EVO 4 to 8 have the same DI setup.

Let me know how you go.




evo 8 with DI 3 SPEED added to logging.pcl

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thanks, ill give it a try

it is an evo 8 and the ecu is definetly installed in an evo 8 - with an evo 8 engine

perhaps this ecu was pulled from a working evo 9 and the guy (or girl) who installed it simply used the old evo 9 settings

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thanks for your detailed help so far. I haven't actually changed anything yet but I have noticed in my logs that speed does show up, but the values are completely whack ie 3km/h


see attached image

is it just the calibration is way off or something wired?

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i did some checking tonight and here's how ive found the DI's are mapped on (by pressing buttons in car etc)

DI 1 - no idea

DI 2 - AUTO intercooler spray button

DI 3 - no idea

DI 4 - AIRCON button



no idea what DI1 and D3 do - is it safe to change these as per your recommendations?

ie upload your PCL file and update firmware?

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hi all,

is there a reason the vipec cant use the factory knock sensor?

i would like this input data for my logs to tune the low load IGN areas, but cant do this without knock input.

i am used the apexi powerfc where knock input is standard via the std knock sensors.

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ok thanks, thats fine for knock control, ie backout timing, add fuel based on knock events

but what about basic knock logging from the factory knock sensor?

cant this be wired into one of the analogue inputs to display values in the logs?

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Hi Paul,

That is how the external knock module works as It goes through signal conditioning etc , to supply a signal back to the ECU.

the earlier V44 series don't have the onboard conditioning circuitry to achieve what you are saying, that is why an external device must be used to interface to your ECU.

They added this however to the later PNP 's that have onboard knock control due to the V88 board being used.

Unfortunately we can't just fit a V88 topboard to the V44 base board either.

Unfortunately the answer is external device or upgrade to an i88 topboard ECU.

The other beauty of upgrading to a new i88 topboard PNP is you also get dual can bus and all the fruit of an i88 standalone with less inputs and outputs.

However I am not 100% sure but I think from memory they also carry 2 onboard expansion cable sockets expanding your AN volt and Digital inputs also..



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re: DI3/ speed

ok did some on road testing and watching DI3 value, it's spot on, so ive got no idea why its whacko in the logs?

one thing I did do however was the gear judge was set to 5spd and my car is 6spd, so ive set it to 6spd and started doing the gear calculaitons on road.

does gear judge play a part in how the data is shown in the logs for speed kph???

here's what my logs currently show before I changed anything

Engine Speed 2013

MAP 49

Speed -DI3 kph 3.7

DI 3 Frequency 27.2

ie my speed is 3.7kp/h - which makes no sense, at 2013rpm. its more like 27km/h - is my DI3 freq actually just KP/H ???

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Hi, No your speed should read speed in KM/H.

Number of gears selected is definitely important.

Going by the fact that your speed is working when the vehicle moves I believe your engine and ECU setup to be a JDM EVO 8.

Which is listed under the Mitsubishi EVO 9 help file last column.

Can you recalibrate the gears with the correct number of gears selected and see how you go.

Then post your PCL FILE and your layout file also out of curiosity.



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hi team,

evo 8 with v44 topboard PNP and im still keen to get knock input working. I've found someone selling the knockblock to suit link, is this compatible with my ecu?

What else is required other than this box to get working knock input? I assume a seperate knock sensor or can I use the OEM 4G63 one already on the car?


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hi all, sorry for thread dig up. ive sourced a Link G4 digital knock interface, the one pictured above and keen to install this soon.

im using Evo plugin V44 and the documentation states;


  Note: If you are using a V44 or a Plug-In ECU, knock control will NOT work while the DI5 pull up is turned on.  The pullup must be turned off in the DI5 setup menu.  If the device wired to DI5 requires a pullup then an external pullup resistor (4.7 kOhm) must be wired.  If the DI5 pullup resister is turned on, then knock control will be forced off immediately.

My DI5 input is set as Start Postion, and the pullup value is set to off. Is this Ok to leave as is? can I wire the Digital Knock output (digital) to any of the un-used DI's ?


thanks for your help




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hi team, i have the above link g4 knock block in my hands finally but it hasnt come with any cables.

can i source these from somewhere? i require the main loom and knock sensor loom a





SERIAL #7512

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