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Trigger options for Mitsubishi 3000GT/GTO w/ i88


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I am currently researching information to install an i88 on a 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT. Does anyone have input on setting up the trigger settings with the factory CAS since it's not in the list of triggers? Also has anyone replaced the factory trigger wheel with a Yoshifab 24 tooth trigger wheel with benificial results?

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do you know the standard trigger patterns at all.

Tooth counts, type of sensors used etc.

ViPEC ECU's are very flexible with setting up triggers, sometimes minor modifications maybe required.

I appolagise for not being familiar with the engine to this degree, however some basic info should get us underway.

Do you have access to an oscilloscope to capture the standard trigger patterns.

Is your engine a V6 twin turboed.

What is the engine code, EG: 4G63 for EVO



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The car is a 1991 3000GT VR4 twin turbo. Currently it is a slightly modified V6 DOHC 6G72. Has fuel upgrades (pump, injectors, plumbing), turbo upgrades, valvetrain upgrades (stock cams). It still retains the complete factory ECU setup with MAF-T (MAF to MAP fuel conversion & ignition adjustments) piggyback to run the current setup. We are planning to go full standalone to modernize the electronics on the engine which will help with better tuning and driveability. The engine uses a cam angle sensor on the rear of the left intake cam. Below is a link that explains how the CAS trigger works. I also have the Factory service manual for any other information needed.


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No problem and thanks for willing to help me figure out this setup. Also this is the aftermarket trigger wheel I was looking at which I believe will simplify the signals and allow the Vipec to use a multi tooth trigger setup for timing. It's made primarily for the 4G63 CAS using an aftermarket ECU.

http://yoshifab.com/store/index.php?_a= ... oductId=46

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