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i88 odd fire


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With the latest software version it allows to fit i88 in to odd fire engines. I have 4 stroke V10 planned to run wasted spark, left bank cylinder number is 2,4,6,8,10 right is 1,3,5,7,9, firing order 1-2,7-8,5-6,3-4,9-10, its unequal firing 90 degree then 54 degree then 90 then 54 etc..

I wonder what is the best crank trigger for this application. Can I use the available 24 or 60-2 tooth trigger disc or should make specific disc that has multiplier by 5 tooth.

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With the 'Odd fire wasted spark' ignition mode the ECU needs to know where the engine is at in its 720 degree cycle. This means that it requires trigger 1 to read a crank position signal and trigger 2 to read a cam position signal.

For the crankshaft position the number of teeth needs to be able to divide into 360 degrees evenly. 60-2 or 24 tooth patterns would work fine.

For the cam position the ECU will require a cam 1x or cam level type signal.

What is the engine you are trying to run?


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